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Meditation as Access to Lifeforce (Prana)

I use the term meditation as a state of being rather than the act of sitting down and focusing.  A state of meditation begins when a strong mesmerising vibrational feeling settles through the body.  The state is all-encompassing. An example may be going for a run that feels hard and effortful until you suddenly feel buoyant and tireless. This then becomes a meditation.  There are may ways to find the state of meditation, but the consistent thing that happens is that energy kicks in throughout the body and the mind becomes secondary…

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Bring Back your Balance!

We are such dynamic beings! Our health is affected by all aspects of our life, our internal and external worlds. All of our stress, emotions, trauma and limiting beliefs are held in the body. If left unresolved they sit in our systems and cause a ripple effect, producing difficulties in our lives. Blocking our energy flow, they contribute to physical pain and problems, and keep us stuck in loops of behavioural patterns and reactions.

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Sugar balance: How to find it’s Sweet Spot

My favorite part of working so closely with families is that I get to help them see the small ways they can improve their loved ones’ health - especially the kids! I am consistently asked the same questions: How can I make healthier meals for my kids? What’s your number one tip for nutrition? How can I prevent the cold and flu naturally? There are many components to a healthy lifestyle, but I always start with a discussion about SUGAR. It’s in everything! The most loved cereal brands, juice boxes, yogurt - even processed foods that are marketed “healthy” are chock full of that sneaky devil! 

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Why ‘Treating people the way YOU would like to be treated’ is Poisonous to a Relationship

We’ve all heard the quote ‘treat people the way you would like to be treated’. At its heart the saying is a positive and worthwhile message. It’s telling us to be respectful and thoughtful to others. So, why is it so dangerous, and why does it lead to the downfall of many relationships?

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Are Comparisons & Expectations Killing Your Relationship?

One of the most dangerous trends in our modern society is our obsession with comparing ourselves to others, and feeling inadequate when we inevitably don’t measure up (at least in our minds). Books, magazines, movies and now social media all portray something that often seems unattainable, which can make us question our self worth…

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TLC for our Largest Organ

Skin is an absolutely amazing organ - it’s designed to be self-sufficient - you don’t need all those fancy, expensive products to keep it functioning at its best. Remember to feed your skin the same way you feed your body - SIMPLE IS BEST!

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