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Welcome to Prana House.

We are a stunning urban sanctuary, sharing the gift of yoga, yoga teacher training, wellness & events in the healing arts. Join us on a journey to the deeper and transformative teachings of Yoga and beyond.


New to Prana House?

Choose from our casual yoga classes or 10 week yoga courses.

Our beginners courses lay the foundations of yoga, giving you a solid platform to practice from.

Our casual classes give you flexibility in your schedule and a variety of styles to choose from.

Our advanced yogi courses take you deeper into the experience of yoga.

We welcome all.

We welcome


Be part of the Prana House community!

Experience your yoga practice in our beautiful light filled studios where you will feel uplifted before the practice even begins. You will love our professional experienced yoga & meditation teachers who bring years of training & commitment to the practice of yoga.

There is something noticeable and special about our classes where the physical postures (asana) become an entry point to take you into deeper meditative states. Here is where the mind becomes still and you begin to notice the magical present moment.

Experienced as ‘meditation in motion’ you will be guided into your energy field where the regenerative healing powers lie and you can experience wonder and awe for the divine. Choose from our variety of yoga styles and become entranced by the beautiful home practice of Pranaa Yoga, created by our founder, Julie Gargano. And lastly, become aware of our affordable & flexible membership options for casual yoga classes, as well as our exceptional 10 week beginner yoga courses, advanced yogi courses and yoga teacher trainings. We look forward to meeting you soon. Namaste - Prana House Team xx

Let your body, mind and soul be taken to another level of bliss…

Our Wellness Space offers a diverse range of healing modalities from the body, mind & spirit spectrum. Prana House is committed to providing high quality complimentary therapies to support the growing need in our community for effective holistic treatment.

Offering Massage, Holistic, Beauty Therapy, Energetic Nutrition, Kiniseology, Access Bars, Relationship Coaching, Organic Skin Care, Pranic Healing, Spiritual Healings and Reiki.