Yoga Teacher Training 2019 

We are known for being leaders in the field of yoga teacher training; offering transformational trainings based on the origins of true yoga’s wisdom.
Our classic home training is the Prana House Yoga teacher Training 350hr; an extensive teacher training based on the foundations of yoga with a comprehensive approach to both the physical and spiritual aspects of yoga & yoga teaching. This can be attended by students who wish to deepen their yoga practice or/and learn how to teach and take yoga out into the world. Our Amrit Yoga Teacher Training 200hrs, delves into the deeper spiritual side of yoga through the study of ‘meditation in motion’. Our I AM Yoga Nidra Teacher Training 90hr is a fascinating journey into the origins and true purpose of yoga through the ancient practice of ‘psychic sleep’. It is here where you get to join the dots of the path, purpose and application of the powerful practice of yoga. Are you ready to take the next step? Registrations are open, so come and join us in the experience!

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Prana House Yoga

Teacher Training

In this training you will learn how to work with the physical aspect of yoga with a deep exploration of alignment, technique, working with injuries, modifications, adjustments & theory, in conjunction with a deep exploration of the mind, consciousness, Prana (energy), meditation and the path of Self Realisation. This course will give you a steady foundation in which to live in a more self empowered & connected way and to confidently guide others on their path.

Starts 16th September 2019
350hrs / 12 months - Accredited with Yoga Australia

Yoga Nidra Teacher Training

Yoga Nidra is a highly powerful ancient sleep-based meditation technique originated from the ancient yogic scriptures. It uses the biological process of sleep to enter an evolutionary state of consciousness where one can awaken to their true nature. Learn more about the transformational effects of Yoga Nidra in our I AM Yoga Nidra © - Integrative Amrit Method Yoga Nidra teacher training in October 2019 with international teachers and experts in the field of yoga, Kamini Desai PHD (USA) & John Vosler (USA).

Immersion 25- 28 October 2019
Certification 1- 4 November 2019
Workshop Training 6 -7 November 2019
Advanced 8-11 November 2019

90hrs - Accredited with Yoga Alliance

Amrit Yoga Teacher Training

What we call yoga has become popular but what is yoga is not popular. To truly be experiencing yoga is to enter integrated states of your being through both movement and stillness. Amrit Yoga delves into what yoga is beyond the physical practice and will empower you as never before!

24 - 30 August 2019 | 2 - 8 December 2019
200hrs - Accredited with Yoga Alliance