Below are a series of common questions students generally ask. If you can’t find the answer to your questions, please feel free to contact us at any time so we can assist you.

I am new to yoga, where do I begin?

Congratulations on making your first step to starting yoga. What yoga will give to you is beyond imaginable! We highly recommend starting with our excellent 10 week Beginner Yoga Courses.This will give you the confidence of knowing how to practice with awareness, understanding and safety. We run 10 week Beginner Yoga Courses every term on Monday and Thursday evenings. If you are unable make those times, you are still welcome to attend our casual classes. Please inform your teacher that you are new to yoga and they will guide you into a gentle entry. You can book for any of our 10-Week Courses here. Alternatively out Intro Offers are a good way to try out our classes and get started on your yoga journey.

I have practiced some yoga in the past, but it has been a while, what class should I attend?

Many students who have done some yoga in the past but are a little rusty, love attending our 10 week Beginner Yoga Courses. These classes are still challenging enough but are delivered in a slower pace where you can ask questions and work on specific areas within the practice. If the times don’t suit you, then attending any of our casual classes or courses will be appropriate also.. All of our teachers are highly trained and will support you and your practice by giving modifications to postures to suit you.

What do I wear for my yoga class?

It is important that you feel comfortable and not to wear anything that will be too restrictive or too baggy that you will get lost in. Most yoga practitioners enjoy moving in leggings and a stretchy fitted top. Wearing layers can also be good as you can remove and cover when needed though out the practice. Please note that yoga is practiced with bare feet so you will need to remove your socks. Please make sure you have clean feet for your fellow yogi friends.

What do I bring?

We supply all yoga equipment including yoga mats. You are welcome however to bring your own mat for personal preference.

I am pregnant and have never done yoga before. What class can I attend? 

We offer a beautiful journey for pregnant women in our 10 Week Prenatal Yoga Courses held on Saturday mornings. This is the most ideal environment for you to attend to the changing needs of your body and baby. If this is not possible, you are welcome to join our casual yoga classes. It is important to inform your teacher that you are pregnant and at what stage you are at as some postures are not recommended while pregnant. Your teacher will guide you through any modifications you require during the practice.

I am injured and I am worried about straining myself in yoga class. What do you recommend?

Sometimes being injured can be the best thing to bring mindfulness and care into what and how you are doing. Lack of correct technique and weakness can often be the reason why we become injured, so stopping practicing yoga is sometimes not the best option. Instead, speak with your teacher and discuss what you are dealing with and what is the best practice for you while you a rebuilding and healing. Your teacher may be able to provide you with a home practice to support your class attendance. You are also welcome to book into a private yoga class with one of our yoga teachers to assist you more thoroughly.

Can I eat before a yoga class?

Aim to have eaten well before you arrive to class. The general rule is to eat 2 hours prior but if you need a light snack to build up you energy reserves then that is okay too. Just remember common sense i.e. if food is trying to be digested in your stomach you will feel uncomfortable when you practice yoga. Aim also to come well hydrated. Sipping water in a class is not encouraged but rather before or after.

What styles of yoga do you teach?

We offer a variety of approaches in styles of yoga. Ranging from strong dynamic Vinyasa yoga, Iyengar Yoga, Pranaa Yoga, Hatha Flow, Amrit Yoga ‘meditation in motion’ to Meditation/Yoga Nidra. Please see our Class Styles page for more information. We recommend you try many classes to find the most suitable for you. Contact us if you require more assistance in finding the right class for you.

I am looking for a physically strong dynamic yoga practice. What do you recommend?

We recommend Vinyasa Flow, Pranaa Yoga or Iyengar Yoga.

I am wanting a gentle yoga practice. What do you recommend?

We recommend Amrit Yoga, Hatha Flow Yoga, Yin Yoga or Amrit Yoga Nidra.

Do you offer different levels?

Yes we do. Generally the starting point is attending a 10 week Beginner Yoga course and upon completion you can attend any of the Casual Yoga Classes which are more advanced than the Beginners Yoga Course. Once your foundation is solid you may wish to explore more subtle practices like Amrit Yoga or build upon your physical practice with Iynegar Yoga or Vinyasa Flow. Pranna Yoga offers a balanced approach of being physically dynamic yet meditative, fluid and energy based.

Do you offer mediation practices? Which class would you recommend?

Yes we do. Prana House’s philosophy on yoga is built upon, if yoga is not a meditation in of itself, then it’s not yoga. So meditation in motion, which approach has been born from Amrit Yoga, is essential to the underlying essence of all practices. We do also offer Amrit Yoga Nidra, which is a sleep based meditation technique. To find our more please go to our Class Styles page.

I want to explore yoga beyond the physical & stress relief. Do you have spiritual practices which explores meditation and enquiry into the Self?

Yes we do. In fact you have come to the right place! All of our yoga classes passionately stand for the deeper inner dimensions of yoga. In particular you might want to try Amrit Yoga ‘meditation in motion’ & Amrit Yoga Nidra.

Do I need to book for my classes?

All 10 week yoga courses require a prior booking, however all casual yoga classes don’t require any booking. We are in the process of setting up a mobile app which means you have the convenience of checking our current daily timetable and booking from your iPhone/tablet. Watch this space!

Do I need to book for a 10 week course?

Yes please, book through the links here or contact us to enroll.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept cash and all credit cards (except Amex). There is an ATM downstairs if you need to access it.

I bought a 10 class pass 9 months ago and I haven’t used it. Can I still use my class passes?

Unfortunately your 10 class pass has expired. We offer a strict 3 month expiry on all 10 class passes, so make sure you visit us regularly to use all your sessions within the period.

Can I transfer my membership/10 class to a friend?

No. These are non transferable.

Do you have a refund Policy?

We have a no refund policy at Prana House including all promotional items and courses. We encourage you to read all terms & conditions when signing up for a membership at our studio. Credit may be available due to special circumstances, please contact the studio to discuss. If you are unsure of our policy please contact our office info@pranahouse.com.au

Can I make up a missed class missed if I am enrolled into a 10 week yoga course?

Yes. We offer the flexibility to make up 2 classes per term in a class that is the same level that you are booked into. Please note that this is only permitted within the term and cannot be honoured beyond the term.

For first time students

  • Please arrive 10 minutes early to fill in a registration form.

  • Notify your teacher of any injuries or health concerns.

  • Switch off mobile phone

  • Upon entering the yoga studio, please keep the volume down and respect that it is a silent zone.

  • Welcome & enjoy your journey. We are here to help you!

Other Enquires

I want to become a yoga teacher. Do you offer teacher trainings?

Yes we certainly do. We are known for our quality teacher trainings of authentic yoga in Amrit Yoga, Pranaa Yoga and Integrated Amrit Yoga Method. Please refer to our Teacher Training Page.

I am feeling stressed/burnt out and need a yoga holiday retreat? Do you offer any?

In the past we have offered yoga retreats to Bali. They are the most divine experience ever! We have not yet confirmed our 2017 or 2018 retreat dates however if you wish to register your interest please send us an e-mail at info@pranahouse.com.au .

I heard that Prana House offers a Wellness Clinic. What modalities do you offer? Do I book with you or the practitioner?

Yes we offer a diverse range of modalities with qualified experienced excellent staff. Bookings are made directly with the practitioner. Please refer to Wellness Space