Meditation as Access to Lifeforce (Prana)


By Anna Tuchtan

I use the term meditation as a state of being rather than the act of sitting down and focusing.  A state of meditation begins when a strong mesmerising vibrational feeling settles through the body.  The state is all-encompassing. An example may be going for a run that feels hard and effortful until you suddenly feel buoyant and tireless. This then becomes a meditation.  There are may ways to find the state of meditation, but the consistent thing that happens is that energy kicks in throughout the body and the mind becomes secondary. Thoughts sometimes feel like they disappear, or become more spacious and other times qualities of clarity and inspiration come through like profound revelations.  But it is the all-encompassing energy which taps into the abundance of lifeforce that is primary.

This can happen during dance meditations, yoga, making love, during a moment whilst having a cup of tea, or a profound conversation with a friend.  It all depends on the enveloping energy that takes over. Like a knowing that something profound is happening right now.

I am writing this to inspire meditation more consciously as a way to feel who we are, what our essence feels like because ultimately when that energy kicks in to a feeling of abundant lifeforce it is our spirit that we are connecting with.  

It is a slow life long experience to learn who we are at the level of our spirit and glimpses through any type of meditation speeds up this process.  When we gain insight of knowing our spirit we become open to our own inner guidance, and trust our direction in every moment because it feels like a natural flow, full of lifeforce.

When parts of the body are unwell, stressed or stuck, less lifeforce is able to flow and therefore less access that part has to our spirit. We can change this through meditation.  Lately, as part of giving spiritual healings, my guidance team show me specific meditations that I prescribe to each client to take home. The meditations all focus on a part of the body, unique to the clients needs, that opens, enlivens and reintegrates the parts of the body so that more of the abundance of lifeforce can be felt.  It is a meditation of self healing that inspires an active conscious connection to one’s spirit through a part of the body that wants attention. This small piece to the puzzle of feeling oneself can inspire one to then create more meditations for self healing, alignment to spirit and access to infinite energy.

If you feel called to meditate for self discovery and healing please contact me for a session.

By Anna Tuchtan

Anna has worked professionally as a psychic spiritual healer for 10 years. Spiritual Healing is an ancient form of healing where angels and guides are channelled to work on your soul, ultimately for its evolution.