Psychic Spiritual Healing

With Anna Tuchtan

Spiritual Healing is an ancient form of healing where angels and guides are channelled to work on your soul, ultimately for its evolution.  The soul carries all of who you are, your natural essence as well as the responses to all that you have experienced across lifetimes. The wounds of the past manifest in the present in many ways as a calling for attention to be healed.  The more we heal our soul, the more we gain access to our spirit, our light, wisdom, and knowing.

Spiritual Healings work on health problems, emotional well-being and spiritual growth for:

  • adults who want healing at a deep level and want a deep understanding of their unique healing process

  • children - Parents often see me to help their child’s emotional well-being, to find a pathway to ease in their lives.  I work remotely with children and consult directly with parents about the healings.

  • relationships – In a relationship healing both people are brought psychically into the healing space.  Both do not need to attend the session in person. In the healing I see the dynamics between you both and where healing needs to happen and the spirit team begins their work.  The healing will help to free yourselves from habitual ways that do not serve you.

  • home and land:  It is important to live in a clear space for your health and your emotional well-being.  Toxic energies can accumulate in houses from the past and present, so especially when life becomes heavy or you move into a new space that feels heavy a clearing will be a good foundation for a state of peace.

Please see my website for more information on how I work.




$110 for in person healing

$90 remote healing

$90 for children

Cancellation fee within 24 hours is 100 % of the fee.  Payment can be made by cash or Paypal.


Wednesdays 1.30pm - 9.30pm



To make an appointment please contact Anna at directly


Anna Tuchtan

Anna has worked professionally as a psychic spiritual healer for 10 years. It was a natural progression from her background in acupuncture, where she felt angelic spirits work with her. With a spiritual awakening from the birth of her second son (and a lot spiritual work on herself), she was called to work in a way that felt deeper and more focused on healing the soul.

Her initial desire to work in the healing arts comes from wanting to understand and heal from childhood trauma, which made her physically sick. She had a quest for truth and to understand the bigger picture and felt that the best way to do this was through communicating with spirit. Life has directed her to fulfill this desire and feels that it is her service to share this with others.

Through healings and teachings she wishes to guide people to be who they really are, their greatest self.



“My daughter, now aged 9, came into the world screaming.  She has always felt like a part of her is in torment, searching for peace, ever satisfied.  I asked Anna to give her a series of healings. From the first healing there was a softness I had not seen or felt in her.  After the fourth healing the difference was remarkable, not only to me, but to friends who have known her her whole life.

Her breathing has slowed, her manner less aggressive, her demeanor more compassionate.  She is finding peace. I believe that without Anna’s gift, my daughter’s life would have taken on a very different path.  Now she can be free of the torment of her past and pursue her heart’s desire I this life.”

“I came to Anna with self sabotaging behaviour, autoimmune disease and chaotic relationships.  My impulse to work with Anna has been spurred by my calling to disentangle deep aspects of my existence which I have not been able to reach on my own.  Anna has attuned to and released energies that I have come into his life with or have adopted through trauma when I has young and vulnerable. These energies were so deeply entrenched that I was unable to become conscious of them.

Anna is a powerful and effective attuned ally to have by my side.  I have found that through our work together I have experienced an acceleration of energy and synchronistic unfolding.  I feel vitalised and closer to the truth of myself each time we work together.”

“I am blown away by the immediate results from Anna’s work.  I was amazed at the accuracy of her insight, what she was able to fathom is incredible.   I was able to see destructive patterns in my life and why I was attracting the same type of relationship over and over.

As a mother I as concerned for my son.  After a session with Anna my son was able to walk away from a toxic relationship and made important life choices with conviction and pride choosing what was right for him and standing up to his family.”