Bring Back your Balance!


By Gemma Davies

We are such dynamic beings! Our health is affected by all aspects of our life, our internal and external worlds.

All of our stress, emotions, trauma and limiting beliefs are held in the body. If left unresolved they sit in our systems and cause a ripple effect, producing difficulties in our lives. Blocking our energy flow, they contribute to physical pain and problems, and keep us stuck in loops of behavioural patterns and reactions.

Kinesiology is a beautiful way of revealing and resolving the stress stored in our physical, emotional and energetic bodies. Kinesiology gets to the underlying causes behind symptoms, and de-stresses the body at that core level.

Using the art of muscle testing, we communicate directly with the body, enabling us to go straight to the source. Often when we look at the ocean we only see the waves crashing on the shore, we don’t see the under current. Kinesiology focuses on the under current, and how that is effecting the waves.

When we shift stagnant energies, we can flow with more ease through all areas of our life and come into closer alignment to our truth.

Kinesiology is a non-invasive, gentle but potent stress management therapy. It effectively helps relieve many symptoms including anxiety, depression, grief, pain, low energy levels, hormonal imbalances, learning difficulties, sleep disorders etc. Many techniques are used in a kinesiology session including sound therapy, aromatherapy, reiki, acupressure, EFT, emotional stress release to name a few.

For many of us, deep seated fears, beliefs and un-integrated experiences have left us conditioned to perceive ourselves, the world around us, and our involvement in it, in a limited way. By understanding ourselves, befriending our fears and removing the energetic charge behind them we create greater space in ourselves to live a nourishing and meaningful life. It is my intention as a kinesiologist to empower my clients through their healing journey. This occurs as they deepen their awareness of their body, their mind, and the connection between the two. We find that we need not be bound by out dated patterns, and it is safe for us to be truly accepting of ourselves. This kindness can then be offered to others.

Our bodies have all the answers to their problems, and kinesiology is a language which allows me to communicate with your body and hear what it needs. This awareness combined with the de-stressing methods used, allows great shifts to take place.

By Gemma Davies

Gemma Davies is an Neuro-Energetic Kinesiologist who’s intention is to help empower my clients through their healing journey. This occurs as you deepen your awareness of your body, your mind, and the connection between the two.