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FEMPOWERMENT womens only Naked Yoga - for body positivity and self love-
is a 3.5 hour empowering celebration of our naked bodies, honouring YOU
and all of your divinity. It is about getting naked in both aspects of
the word, physically and metaphysically.
It is a liberating women's only gathering open to ladies of all ages,
shapes, colour and size.

Focusing on the themes of self-love and self-care, it will be a serene
evening spent journeying through the form and formless, it is a gentle
facilitation into vulnerability, self-acceptance, truth and union as
you’re guided through an alchemical integration of yoga, intuitive
movement, meditation, breath work, mantras and affirmations.

Held in a safe and honouring space to help you feel supported and
nurtured, I invite you to allow yourself permission to surrender. It is
about undressing and addressing our body image woes through the shedding
of layers (physically and emotionally).

These workshops are here to facilitate you in letting go of current
dogmas and limiting beliefs that are keeping you in a lower vibrational

I offer this workshop as an opportunity for women to enter into a safe
space in which they’re afforded tools and techniques to do the work
required in helping to rewire our neural pathways and cultivate positive
affirmations and mantras that can help us to detach from negative
behavioural patterns. As we learn to forgive ourselves for any acts of
self-sabotage that have previously kept us feeling unworthy,
self-conscious, powerless and depleted, we can begin to wholly embrace
our bodies and our Self, taking this practice from the workshop and out
into the world.

Through the exploration of self-inquiry, we begin to lift the veil of
illusion and enter into our deepest truth, embodying the beauty that is
always, and was always, within and of you. This journey encourages you
to delve into the depths of your femininity and reclaim your power.

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Date: Saturday 24th August

Time:  6.30pm - 10pm




Jessa is a qualified yoga teacher specialising in a Vinyaya style of
teaching. She was taught under more traditional methods that draw from
the Sri T Kirishnamarcharya lineage and takes on a holistic approach to
the path of yoga in integrating the ageless wisdom of ancient scriptures
and philosophy in a contemporary context.

Now based on the northern rivers of NSW, Jessa is also the creatress
behind the blog, The Nude Blogger, through which she advocates a
body-positive lifestyle.

The Nude Blogger embodies conscious living with a twist of the taboo and
was birthed from a higher calling for Jessa. The Nude Blogger is a
thought-provoking blog that aims to help broaden perceptions in the hope
of cultivating respect, diversity, kindness and understanding. The
underlying intention for The Nude Blogger is to help raise the
consciousness of our planet by inspiring others to lead a life that is
in alignment with their authentic and higher Self, and in harmony with
the collective.

FEMPOWERMENT is a manifestation of Jessa's intention to help support and
unite women in sisterhood as they journey together on a path of
self-love and acceptance through embracing their vulnerability and
learning to reclaim the radiance and power that innately lies within. By
removing the physical layers, the women are also encouraged to confront
each emotional layer that hides their authentic sense of expression and
liberation. The women are graciously presented with the opportunity to
learn to accept their whole Being…physical and non-physical.


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