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Channelling the Unseen You

Channelling the Unseen You

6 week channelling spirit course

The course I ran recently at Prana House was profound, even life changing for some, so I have decided to run it again beginning in October.  The short course was created to guide you to feel and know who you are on a vibrational level – at the level of your soul and spirit. It will be a rich and intimate gathering of 5-7 people once weekly for 6 weeks.

My wish is to guide you to:

  • learn how to feel your soul and higher self

  • learn how to feel the soul and higher self of others

  • learn how to energetically protect yourself

  • meet your guide and learn how to communicate with it.

Your soul carries the wisdom of everything you have been through in all of your lives and carries your purpose for being here again.  Your soul is evolving all the time to become one with your spirit, your pure light.  

The course helps you to really understand this from an experiential perspective.  It will help you to know that we are powerful beings with internal guidance systems.  Learning how to access this part of ourselves, we can choose how to direct our lives and choose how we feel, with the support of our spirit and spirit beings that love us unconditionally.  It helps us make choices that follow paths of more ease, enjoyment and satisfaction and ultimately helps us to realise our magnificence.

The six weeks will be a deep experiential learning that can can be brought into your every day.. 

Knowing leads us to be who we really are.


Dates: 9th October - 13th November

Time: 7-9 pm Wednesday nights


Investment: $380/$330 concession for the 6 weeks


Anna Tuchtan

Bookings can be made through contacting me via email or phone

p. 0424308472