TLC for our Largest Organ


TLC for our Largest Organ

By Addison Landry

When we talk about our organs, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Heart? Lungs? Maybe even the brain! It’s easy to forget that the one organ we see everyday falls into that category.

All hail the SKIN; among other things, it’s the largest and fastest growing organ in the body. It’s quite a smart cookie: keeping our insides in, protecting us from a micro-universe of bugs and bacteria, healing itself from cuts and bruises, keeping us cool when it’s hot, and helping the body detox. A true powerhouse if you ask me! Each organ has a vital job to accomplish, working as a team member to keep the body functioning at its highest caliber.

The skin is a communicator to the rest of the body about our environment. With many nerve endings and fast absorption, the skin keeps a lookout for any harmful invaders that may disrupt our inner balance. The skin is unique in that it covers a much larger surface area than any other organ, and that it’s exposed to a variety of environmental factors. So with a vast surface and many important functions, how do we protect an organ whose main job is to protects us?

This brings me to one of my favorite topics for kids (and their parents!): SKINCARE! It’s never too early to start thinking about what products your children are using. Don’t forget, everything you put on their skin is absorbed directly into the bloodstream - it matters just as much as what you feed them! If you won’t eat it, it shouldn’t go on the skin! The key is to go for organic, toxic-free skincare products - look for ingredients you can read and understand.

Rather than give you a million recommendations of specific ingredients and what they do to improve the appearance of skin, I’d rather tell you what to avoid in order to promote the internal health of you and your family. Skin health is about more than that - it’s improved from the inside out and the outside in!

When you’re shopping for new products, make sure you read the labels. Look for lingo such as natural, organic, non-toxic, gluten-free, paraben-free, phthalate-free, NO parabens, NO sulfates or SLS, NO petroleum, NO phosphates, NO DEA, and NO Dyes…and you’re in the clear!

A majority of skin products are filled with chemical and synthetic ingredients, which many companies use to disguise toxic products with appealing scents. The body detects these ingredients as toxins, and after repeated use in combination with other similar products, it begins to disrupt the delicate workings of the internal detox system.

I find that simple, single-ingredient products are always the way to go. It’s easy to buy an off-the-shelf moisturizer (especially for your kids- life gets so busy!), but the products below work even better than those lotions and creams, and you won’t have to worry about the hidden toxins found in those big brand names.

Here’s my list of tried and true products that I swear by:

Sesame Seed Oil - Antibacterial - use as a moisturizer. Also helps the healing of scars

Essential Oils:

Frankincense and Rose -  for smooth skin! Stimulates collagen and skin regeneration

Eucalyptus- Helps bug bites and colds (rub on the chest area for easy breathing)
Coconut Oil- Antibacterial - great for healing cuts and infections.

Raw Manuka Honey - Antibacterial - great for face masks!
Shea Butter- Deeply hydrating. You can add any of your favorite essential oils for a relaxing scent and various benefits

Skin is an absolutely amazing organ - it’s designed to be self-sufficient - you don’t need all those fancy, expensive products to keep it functioning at its best. Remember to feed your skin the same way you feed your body - SIMPLE IS BEST!

By Addison Landry

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