Energetic Nutrition

With Addison Landry

Addison believes health is holistic in nature, that wellbeing is a culmination of all of our experiences, and that illness is just an energetic imbalance. She believes each of us hold the answer to our healing in our own Energetic Fields; it’s a basic but intelligent communication system. Addison’s mission is to help you create a deeper intrinsic connection to your health, so that you begin to understand what your body’s communicating, and how we can support it. Her philosophy is simple: by focusing on energy, we are one step ahead of matter.

Why the emphasis on the energy field? It’s an extension of the body's Nervous System, which controls everything from our thoughts, to our digestion, and even our heartbeats. These basic mechanisms within our bodies create an energy field of information that communicates with itself and our environment to keep us safe, healthy and alive. Addison believes that communicating with the energetic field of your body will give you the information to allow your body to heal.

Addison is trained to treat issues within the energy field and uncover energetic cellular imbalances. Her use of the Morphogenic Field Technique (MFT) and Emotion Code allows an intelligent conversation with your energy field to figure out what your body needs to function optimally.

Addison looks at the energy of organs, chemical toxins, heavy metals, gut flora balance/imbalances, scars, food, emotions and many other energies that may be having a disruptive effect on your system. The key to any symptom or illness is asking the body what energetic imbalances created it in the first place. When you find the imbalance and support it with the right food and environment, the body begins to heal and the symptoms you once had will begin to dissipate.

Working with Addison will help you unlock your ability to heal the mind, body and spirit. She will provide you access to a deeper understanding of what makes you thrive, and work with you to provide a compassionate education for your body’s idiosyncrasies. Health is our greatest asset; with Addison you’ll learn the best way to take care of it.

Addison believes we can create a healthier world by creating a respectful and compassionate relationship with ourselves. Through trust and love, we can heal ourselves and each other, as these are driving forces for all transformations. Authenticity and discovery is the new enlightenment, and when we replace what is perceived as “mysticism” with knowledge, fear is dispelled and we become open to the power of our own healing.




Initial appointment $180
Follow up appointment: $80


Thursday 5:30pm-9:30pm
Friday 5:30pm- 9:30pm



To make an appointment please contact Addison at https://www.upliftedcollective.com.au


Addison Landry

Founder of Wellness with Addison has dedicated her life to being a master healer and teacher.

She integrates and synthesizes her teachings using the best methods and procedures, holding a space for others to heal. Addison’s credentials include; Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, Advanced Clinical Graduate-Nutrition Response Testing, Morphogenic Field Technique, Emotion Code, Reiki II, Doula- Carriage House Birth and Chef. Addison has also had the privilege of travelling the United States, learning and absorbing every form of healing she could, working alongside and studying with Dr. Frank Springob, Dr. Freddie Ulan and Dr. Alicia Armitstead.

Her approach to wellness focuses on providing the tools for you to be own true healer, so she uses energy techniques and education practices that make you to feel empowered in guiding yourself to vitality. Her work focuses on the belief that food is the best medicine; an idea that stemmed from not only her training as a chef, but also her childhood spent with chiropractic parents, and her fascination with birth and child development. While living in New York City, she supported many clients in their healing journeys, working with them to balance their energy fields with nutrition. Additionally, Addison worked with public figures and their families, helping support their need for child care, home cooked meals and energy clearing.


"I've struggled with digestive issues my entire life. After countless tests and trying what felt like 'everything under the sun', I found Addison and started Nutrition Response Testing (NRT). A year and a half later I've witnessed a transformation in body and mind. I feel stronger, but perhaps even more importantly, I've become so much more mindful of everything that I'm putting into my system. I cannot recommend working with Addison enough -- she's incredibly patient and kind and genuinely cares about my wellbeing." - A.S.

Working with Addison has fundamentally changed how I approach my health and wellness. When I came to her, I thought I was entirely healthy, eating a plant-based diet and having just completed the New York City Marathon. Despite being “fit”, I still felt sluggish and tired and struggled with inflammation and bursitis of my joints, causing repeated injury. Addison taught me how to optimize my health and extend my wellness practice beyond strict diet and exercise. By introducing the right supplements through nutrition testing and educating on the guiding principles of holistic wellness—eliminating environmental toxins, using natural substitutes for lifestyle and beauty products, encouraging restorative movement practices, meditation, etc.—Addison has helped me feel the best I’ve ever felt. I’ve been consistently impressed at how she always goes above and beyond - whether its through research or just checking in to see how I’m feeling —Addison is thoughtful and caring and always learning more to help her clients. I can’t imagine life without her now! - M.C.

I started seeing Addison in the summertime of 2016. Prior to seeing her I’ve had stomach issues pretty much my entire life. I had seen so many different doctors and naturopaths but nothing was working long term. I was referred to Addison through a friend and she was my last hope. Within my first session, I started feeling a huge difference in my body, mind and spirit. I started to gain my energy back. I really respect Addison because she is very passionate about what she does. She is very supportive and non-judgmental. She really cares and wants her patients to get better. Immediately, within in the first treatment I felt very safe and I could trust her because she has great energy surrounding her. What I really love about Addison visits is she educates you on what’s going on with your body.  When, I leave her office I feel a sense of independence and knowledge that I can take with me and feel inspired to get healthy on my own terms. It’s almost been a year since seeing Addison and this is the healthiest I ever felt in my entire life. I am more so than ever in tuned with my body. I highly recommend Addison to anyone who is suffering from any pain or health concerns. She is truly a saint. - S.Z.