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Winter Solstice - Total Surrender


Winter Solstice - Total Surrender


Spend 2 hours with us (Poppy & Lori) acknowledging the Winter Solstice, the stillness within the darker part of the year.

Yin yoga is a cleansing practice that explores the body & mind in a physical & energetic form. Holding shapes over time allows the fascia loosens giving more mobility in the body as well as releasing stagnation & blockages from energetic pathways.

Reiki is a form of energetic healing that removes stagnant energies from the aura and increases the amount of light in the body, mind and soul will be used throughout the class.

Jining us with Sound is Sound therapy by Corrine Brown of the Institution of Holistic Therapies, a highly respected healer, Reiki Master and Sound healer will play a range of healing instruments designed to create deep cellular healing within the framework of our bodies.

These workshops are suitable for those new to yoga, meditation and sound healing. They are a great way to experience energetic healing in a safe and supported environment, and even the most flustered of minds will start to soften as the gentle healing energy washes away the residue of the day.

Our events are as inclusive as they can be but we do need to let you know precautionary this evening may not be suitable for anyone who has sound induced epilepsy, are in their first 12 weeks of pregnancy or have implants such as a pacemaker.

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Date: Friday 21st June

Time: 87:30pm - 9:30pm



Lori and Poppy

Please visit & to read more about us.

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