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Traditional Tantra Immersion


Traditional Tantra Immersion

A deep Immersions in Classical Tantrik Yoga, from the Kaula Lineage. 

A unique opportunity to be immersed into pure traditional Tantric systems and knowledge. This includes Tantric philosophy & cosmology, a sophisticated and powerful yoga system, ancient micro-meditations and a deeper understanding of the power of pranayama (breathwork) and Bandhas (unlocking energy centres). These Tantric systems are expertly designed to unblock and balance your fundamental energy system and bring you back to your original state of being. 

The philosophy is a timeless and clear understanding of this Universe and the reality you are experiencing. 

Tantric practices are a sophisticated science to bring your body/being back into a more original state to experience this world as it truly is and to enable kundalini activation, the powerful Shakti/source power, usually dormant, in every human. 

Experience an authentic traditional Kaula Tantra yoga sequence that has been handed down through generations of Kaula Tantra ācāryas (teachers) and is one of the oldest sequences still in existence. This is the original form and meaning of yoga as evidence suggests that Tantrics of the Natha lineage created the system that evolved into our modern yoga. This yoga is an ancient 'slowform' system using a beautiful integration of traditional yoga asana (poses), pranayama (breathwork) and guided meditation. The system expertly balances your 5 energetic elements while bringing you into a deep 'theta brainwave' state to remap your unconscious patterns. 

Gabriel Sol is a qualified teacher in this Traditional ‘Kaula’ Tantric system of Yoga, training in one of the last remaining traditional Kaula Tantra schools in India, where he was initiated in a traditional environment.


Date: Saturday 7th September, 2019

Time:  10am - 5pm



Gabriel Sol