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Enhance Your Sleep

Enhance Your Sleep

Do you experience sleepless nights? Interrupted sleep, insomnia, a busy or active mind, tiredness in the morning, or difficulty concentrating during the day? Join us to clear sticky sleep-inhibiting sensations from your body and sweep racing thoughts from your mind.

Carly Woods, of Breath Reset, and Maeve & Lorenzo Colombo of Soulful Soundwaves, are joining restorative forces to bring you a 2 hour sensory soak and workshop with unique take-home techniques to enhance the quality of your sleep.

Immerse yourself in balancing Binaural beats, live music meditation, pranic (energy) healing, and guided Buteyko lung yoga to reset your sleep quality and bring rest back into your life.


This workshop will teach you valuable Buteyko breath techniques, binaural beats, and sleep hygiene, to help you regain physical control over your quality of rest. At the end of this workshop, you will know how to:

  • Use a simple nostril block techniques to put yourself back to sleep if you wake up in the middle of the night with thoughts racing.

  • Employ relaxation with embedded reduced breathing to intercept sleep onset insomnia.

  • Switch your body into rest and repair state for better sleep, digestion and mental health.

  • Apply naturopathic sleep hygiene hacks to help balance your circadian rhythm.

  • Use Binaural and Buteyko therapy into your daily life for enhanced sleep quality and why and how these therapies work.

In this session you will be guided through a restorative practice of Buteyko Breathing techniques as you are bathed in a calming and brain and body-balancing Binaural cocoon, followed by a live music and pranic healing meditation session.  

Resonating on a deep healing level, this Binaural Buteyko blend will meld your breath, body and brain into a fully integrated, relaxed, well-functioning state. Learn to take control of your sleep with this powerful therapeutic blend of breath and brain-entraining music.


We love creating beautiful, healing, restorative spaces for you in our sessions, AND WE ALSO love helping you to create this space for yourself at home - that's why we're including these special bonuses for you

  1. Your audio file of guided Buteyko sleep techniques shared in the workshop  so that you can continue your sleep practice at home.

  2. Your Enhancement 'quick reference' PDF of sleep strengthening naturopathic hacks.

  3. Your sleep specific binaural beats music track, crafted by Maeve & Lorenzo

Booking Link:


Booking Link:

Date: May 17th 2019

Time: 8pm-10pm



A collaboration between Breath Reset & Soulful Soundwaves

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