Tonahtiu Popoca-Luck

Yoga has always been present in my life growing up in one form or another; through my Mother and her friends. However it wasn’t until I first went to India before it really spoke to me. I had the great fortune of learning from a really speacial human, teacher and now friend.

I came to Yoga carrying injuries and tention in my body and walked away feeling full of light , rejuvenated and strong. As I delved deeper into my practice I discovered the more subtle benefits of the Yoga such as mental clarity and patience. Also a deep compassion for myself and other beings.

It is my wish as a teacher to share the light and peace that I have found through the weaving together of breath and movement. Also tools of patience and clarity we all need to ride the waves of life.
Tonahtiu has travelled to India the birthplace of Yoga to train under the humble Guru Surinder Singh in the Hatha Tradition. A slow moving spiritual based practice adapted from the Sutras of the sage Patanjali.

Julie Gargano