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Dive In The Dark

Dive in the Dark

Did you know that the best way to increase one of the sense is to stop one of the other? By blinding your eyes, you can feel better, be in tune with your inner self and be more focus on the present.

I am a french traveler yoga teacher. I have 500 hours RYT ashtanga vinyasa from India and 500 hours RYT hot hatha from Canada. I used to teach many people from all over the world in the countries that I have visited. 

I am extremely passionate about the creative aspect of yoga. I truly believe that we are always a beginner and we can discover new things to learn everyday! 

Let's move and dance together in this class: half fluid vinyasa flow guided by music and half yang yin practice completely blinded with a scarf over your eyes ! 

Join me as we discover the wonders of Yoga together.

Trust to yourself, trust to your body is all that this class is about 

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Date: April 28 

Time: 1:00pm - 3:00 pm



Milena Vasak

IG : milenahvsk
M : 0434386018
Whatsapp : +33601855155. "