$150 introductory sessions for the month of July 

Erin is a registered psychologist who works with individuals or couples (12+years) who require support for a range of mental health, wellbeing and development needs. Erin offers a warm, compassionate and motivational style of therapy that is based on authenticity, connection, trust and respect.  

Erin’s mission is to support, educate and empower you to move towards a state of complete mental health (high emotional; psychological and social wellbeing; along with low mental illness) and eudaimonia (human flourishing; a contented state of being happy healthy and prosperous).  

Erin works collaboratively with each client and develops a tailored treatment plan that takes into account your needs, goals and preferences. Erin employs a holistic, strength based approach that is guided by the principals of positive psychology and mindfulness philosophy. 

Erin believes in the value of a strong therapeutic relationship and utilises a range of evidence-based therapeutic approaches, including but not limited to positive psychology, mindfulness, cognitive behaviour therapy, psychoeducation, solution focussed therapy and counselling (individual and couples).

Erin is motivated by the ethos that “you can’t stop the waves but you can learn to surf” Jon Kabat-Zinn. For Erin, this reflects the idea that we will all face challenge in our lives but we can learn to ride them out with a sense of strength, resilience and compassion.




$180 Standard Consultation (9am to 5pm)

$200 After Hours Consultation (after 5.30pm and all day weekends)

$300 Couples Counselling ($150 per person)

Medicare Rebates: Erin is a registered Medicare provider. To receive a Medicare Rebate, you will first need to visit your GP, who will assess your eligibility for a Mental Health Care Plan (MHCP). If you are approved for a MHCP, this will entitle you to up to 10 individual or group support based sessions per calendar year. The rebate for a general psychologist is $84.80 per session. All payments are made in full on the day and the rebate is claimed back through Medicare.


Mondays 1pm - 8.30pm

Introductory Offer

$150 introductory sessions for the month of July 

Finding a psychologist that you align with is one of the key factors for positive client change and development. To establish if you and Erin are the right fit, Erin will be offering an introductory session rate for the month of July, where you can get to know each other, discuss what brings you to therapy and focus on what your specific challenges and development needs are. 

Introductory Session Fee: $150 – for both standard and after hours appointments 



To make an appointment see 

0497 313 071
Instagram: eg__psychology


Erin Gale

Erin completed her undergraduate training at Swinburne University (Bachelor of Arts Psychology); her postgraduate training at The Cairnmillar Institute in Melbourne (Post Graduate Diploma of Psychology, Master of Professional Psychology); and is a member of the Australian Psychological Society.

Erin has a background within primary and secondary educational settings; private practice, e-mental health, counselling, crisis support and risk assessment.