Olga Ischenko

Olga’s journey with yoga began in 2004, and through it she found support during some very difficult and challenging chapters of her life. She completed her Yoga Teacher training in Australia, and has studied and practiced extensively, including in Europe, as well as with Masters in India. Olga’s classes are a combination of creative movement, breathwork, stillness and a spirit of conscious intention, in order to offer a space for self- exploration and self- connection; a space of compassionate curiosity and acceptance of all aspects of life experience. Olga is committed to continual study, both on her own healing journey, as well as in her capacity as an educator, and she feels deeply grateful for the teachings that have been shared on her path. “We all carry the lantern of transformation within us, for a more meaningful life, for a more loving relationship with ourselves and others, and for more abundance in whatever form we long for it. We all carry the power of yoga within. I am honoured to share the light I found through Yoga with others.”

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