Lori Curan

Lori loves time spent on the mat, her classes varying from dynamic flows to restful restorative shapes. Arriving on the mat, Lori asks you to simply show up. As practicing Massage Therapist Lori knows bodies and their function. Her passion leads from her love of anatomy as you are encouraged exploration of the breath, the shape and its sensation as you become introspective and curious. Lori’s yoga practice started 15 years ago with her initial focus was on physical movement, it was in her mid 20’s after her son was born that she truly discovered the mental & spiritual support from her yoga practice. In 2014 Lori enrolled in a yoga teacher training, more for her own curiosity of the practice. Since then she has trained in Pranaa & Yin Yoga and is also certified to teach Children’s Yoga. She recently completed Mindfulness based meditation training.

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