Jemma Horsely

Jemma originally completed her first teacher training in 2016, here at Prana House under the support and guidance of Prana House founder, Julie Gargano. 
Jemma has also been fortunate to further her training, completing her Amrit Method Yoga Nidra certification in 2017 and her Advanced Yoga Nidra training at the Amrit Yoga Institute (Salt Springs, Florida), in 2018. Jemma brings her dedication to yoga and her passion for teaching to every class. In her classes, Jemma aims to take you to a place beyond the physical body, beyond the thinking mind – to a place of inner stillness, peace and harmony. She is dedicated to teaching yoga holistically, as an eight-limbed practice that extends well beyond the physical practice of asana that we know and love. With deep respect for her teachers, past and present, Jemma shares the learnings she has been blessed to receive. Teaching is a gift and teaching you is an honour.

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Julie Gargano