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29th July - 4th August 2019 & 27 JANUARY - 2ND FEBRUARY 2020


About Amrit Yoga

What we call yoga has become popular but what is yoga is not popular. To truly be experiencing yoga is to enter integrated states of your being through both movement and stillness. To become integrated as we perform postures, is a process of removing the modifications of mind through reaction, comments, judgements and pre-programmed conditioning and to step into the ‘yoga zone’. It takes a conscious entry into the non doing, non mental parts of your being where both movement and stillness occur simultaneously.

Amrit Yoga carefully & systematically takes you from thinking & doing to feeling and being, where you are no longer performing yoga postures like a gymnastic but rather you have entered an integrated state where your postures, in combination with witness consciousness, merge into a state of unified Presence. Amrit Yoga combines Hatha & Raja Yoga together where you move from the ‘posture of ego’ to the ‘posture of consciousness’. It is a rich and sustaining approach to yoga where it will serve every level of your being far beyond the yoga mat, assisting you in living consciously.

Built on authentic yoga teachings, the Amrit Method has enormous relevancy for today’s world. This unique approach to yoga transforms philosophy into a living reality that will take you to the direct experience of integration. It can empower you as never before, enabling you to manage your thoughts and emotions, and initiating deep and lasting transformation that will forever change your understanding of your Self and your relationships with others. The trainings offer you the opportunity to learn masterful techniques while you gain the knowledge and confidence to share these teachings with others.

Whether you are already a practitioner of hatha yoga or are just beginning your yoga journey, the Amrit Method of Yoga offers a dimension of yoga training you won’t find anywhere else. Because it is easily accessible and adaptable to different levels of strength and ability, it is ideal for spiritual seekers, health and therapy professionals, and teachers of any style of hatha yoga and meditation.

Amrit Yoga embodies grace & bliss, strength & fluidity, form & formless and is innovative in serving the deeper meaning of yoga. Amrit Yoga was developed & founded by world renowned yoga master, Yogi Amrit Desai USA and is available to you in Australia with Julie Gargano, pioneer & director of Amrit Yoga Australia.


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Amrit Yoga explores the subtler, deeper and transformative dimensions of yoga which is not commonly practiced today.



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